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Browning Custom A5 20ga 2-barrel set
Browning Superposed Pigeon Grade 12ga 28
Browning Exhibition Grade 2 barrel set 26 1/2

Private Shooting Lessons

     Private “Wingshooting Lesson” service: A private lesson is based on instructing one or two shooters at our private Shooting Grounds over a 3 to 4 hours period of time. My private lessons are basically a condensed FIELDSPORT Wingshooting School. I concentrate on making sure the shooter I am working with understands the fundamentals that help make a person a more consistent wing shot. I teach a swing through method of shooting for most of the basic targets that are presented in a private lesson. I also encourage my clients to attempt to shoot from a “ready position” gun down starting point. It is important that an individual who is attending a lesson has a relativity well fitted gun. If they come with a gun that doesn’t fit, I will attempt to find a store loaner gun that is a better fit and more appropriate for the shooter’s use. If a positive outcome is not possible, a gun fitting session may be recommended before a lesson can be conducted. On average, 100 to 150 targets are shot during a lesson. Fatigue is the number one reason a private lesson wanes and ends. Simply loading more shells and shooting poorly due to muscle fatigue is of no value and counter-productive to all the elements achieved during the lesson. If prescription shooting glasses are needed, please bring them with you. If you can wear plano glasses, we can provide loaner glasses for your session. Quality hearing protection is also required for your lesson. If you do not have any, loaners are available. Both shooting glasses and hearing protection can be purchased at FIELDSPORT. The ammunition you use in the lesson is not included in the lesson fee. Only light recoiling loads are recommended for your session. You can purchase target loads at FIELDSPORT. Cost: $595 Single - $895 Double / 50% Deposit Required Upon Booking a Date; $300 Non-Refundable Cancellation Fee is Applicable.

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