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World Class Guns
Antonio Zoli is pleased to introduce the new Z SERIES World Class Guns. Engineered to withstand hundreds of thousands of rounds of performance, the Zoli Design System delivers dynamic handling characteristics while still crafted in the Italian gunmakers art. The Z GUN gives you the confidence you need to compete in any venue any where on the globe.

Our 200 year history in fine gunmaking gave us the experience required to develop the new Zoli Design System. For over 50 years we have produced our own shotgun and match grade rifle barrels. All new Z Series barrels are digitally multi-contoured for balance and handling with all ribs being high-tech brazed to assure straightness, durability and point of aim. Barrels are over bored to .733” with lengthened forcing cones and bores which flow into 3” titanium treated extended chokes. This combined with our new compact frame yields the lowest recoil possible while throwing patterns of superior density.

Specially formulated alloy steels are used in the barrels, monoblock, action and trigger plate mechanism. When machined and fitted in the new Zoli Design System the Z Gun can withstand proof pressures of over 8000 BAR and still be in perfect condition! This is 5.8 times the standard over proof at the Italian National Proof House.* This is a first in the history of the proof house.

The Zoli Design System has created a lower profile, slimmer compact action while still employing a state of the art, titanium treated detachable trigger lock mechanism. A lower center of effort and robust, Boss- style centrally located locking bar are combined with precision machined recoil lugs in the frame to create a locking system so tight, as to last hundreds of thousands of rounds.

Although our components are precision machined using state of the art EDM and machining centers, all barrel groups, actions and stocks are hand fitted to perfection. Even on standard guns our stocks begin with hand finished, high grade Turkish walnut normally only seen on custom orders from other makers. We use only the best engravers and hand finishing to complete our guns. At Antonio Zoli we believe all guns must combine innovative design with a touch of the masters hand.

Any country, any condition, any weather, any volume, any where on earth- Z Expedition Series Game guns give you the confidence to make the journey with only one gun. Guaranteed durability by design coupled with dynamic handling and Italian elegance. Crafted with the same components as our World Class Target guns, action bodies are specially fitted with lighter, game contoured barrels and tapered game ribs yielding 20 bore guns weighing in at low 6 pounds and 12 bores as light as 7 pounds. Barrels are available with many rib options and lengths out to 32”. Our titanium treated detachable trigger mechanism is secured rigidly via a torque screw and easily removes in seconds with the wrench provided for cleaning. Stocks of high grade Turkish walnut are specially designed with a Prince of Wales grip and a checkered wood butt plate for quick mounting and ease of carry. All stocks are finely checkered and finished with hand rubbed oil. Expedition Game Guns are hard cased for travel with all accessories, tools and extra stock finishing oil for use as needed.

From father to son the Zoli family has enjoyed over 200 years in the Italian Gunmaking craft. Not long ago my father Antonio turned the helm over to me to create the future. Our goal is to design and build the finest, most durable and innovative shotguns for tomorrows discriminating shooter. We look for clients who want higher levels of performance and quality when competing or hunting. We seek to build the gun you keep for generations because you could not wear it out. It is the gun you choose to carry when your cabinet is full because it feels of grace and never lets you down. It has the beauty your friends covet. It is a Zoli. This is our ambition, plain and simple.

Detachable Posi-Lock Trigger System
Engineered for maximum adjustability and extreme use, the Zoli Design trigger group offers a sharp, crisp let-off while retaining pull weight indefinitely. Precision weighted hammers are coil spring driven and all critical components are specifically hardened and Titanium Nitrite treated for extreme durability and corrosion resistance. Rigidly secured via a torque screw while shooting, it removes easily in seconds with the wrench provided for adjustment and cleaning. Trigger blade adjust forward and aft to change length of pull or allow for winter use with thicker gloves.

Locking System
All guns are equipped with a particularly robust locking system. This consists of a split locking bolt that mates accurately with the locking lugs of the monoblock. The central position of the locking system compared to the monoblock axis ensures maximum tightness. Such a design requires the employment of spark erosion (EDM machining) techniques that allow extremely close tolerances. When shooting, the joint between barrel and action is maintained over a long period due to the axis pins being positioned in the lower part of barrel itself and the bottom lug engaging with the action body.

The Percussion System
Zoli’s percussion system has been designed to the highest safety standards that technology can offer. The firing pin is guided by a specially made bushing that ensures its perfect operation. The bushing is also provided with vent holes, to allow any gas produced by the accidental perforation of the cartridge percussion cap escape, without damage to the gun or injury to the user.

Action and Trigger Plate
The action, trigger plate and monoblock form the foundation of the gun. Such components are all made using forged alloy steel. Amongst these components, the new solid action is the most important and innovative. Because the trigger plate mechanism is completely independent from the action, it does not sustain the stress and strain that could affect the adjustment of the firing mechanism. High adjustment standards are therefore guaranteed even under prolonged heavy use. The detachable trigger mechanism also facilitates easy maintenance.

Zoli Design Guns
Z Series guns are available with stock configurations for Trap, Skeet, Sporting and Game with choice of palm swell, Monte Carlo comb, adjustable comb and Prince of Wales grip. All stocks are designed and dimensioned for the needs of the American shooter and feature high grade Turkish walnut on all models. Our US custom shop will craft a stock in full custom dimensions with hand checkering and oil finish within 45 days of order.

New Guns


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Pre-Owned Guns


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