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Welcome to the world of FIELDSPORT!

Dear Friends, Customers and Fellow Wingshooter’s,

Thank You – Ladies & Gentlemen - as another FIELDSPORT 100, Side x Side, Hunter’s Clays event was successfully held and enjoyed by all. At the CEDAR Gun Club on Sunday, June 2, the weather was perfect and the sold-out 100 target event represented bird hunting as close as possible without the feathers. All the participants were required to start their shooting session with the stock of their respective SxS shotgun in a gun down, ready position. Safe, fun, and friendly competition was the name of the game. Birds of a feather, definitely flock together.

A heart-felt additional thank you goes out to Rick Nelson, President of the Cedar Rod & Gun Club, scoring officials Debbie Seirzputowski, Sandra Meyer, Beth Mikowski and chef Greg Nicolaou for the wonderful hot luncheon, hands-on club members, Deb Watson of FIELDSPORT and of course all the wingshooter’s who shot in the event.

The following is a list of the top 5 shooters in this Gauge specific event.

     Highest Over-All          .410 Bore
     89 - Carl Harlan               86 - Dean Hepp

     12 Gauge                     16 Gauge
     85 - Tom Dykstra           77 - Mark Sierzputowski
     82 - Mark Warber           74 - Bryan Bilinski
     81 - Carl McClain           72 - Dennis Craig
     79 - Doug Boitz             72 - Brand Bogard
     78 - Ed Davison             69 - Les Vandrie

     20 Gauge                     28 Gauge
     83 - Mike Newman          81 - Tim Hill
     78 - Josh Chandler          80 - Andy Frank
     70 - Kris Diesler             74 - Mike Brewer
     68 - Jeff Harden             73 - Chuck Robertson
     65 - Joe Schwenke          65 - Travis Nelson

Thank You & Best Wishes for a wonderful and memorable upcoming bird season…

Wanted: Consignment Firearms

Used gun sales have been very good and our gun room is low on inventory of fine pre-owned shotguns, rifles, and collectable handguns. If you have too many guns in your gun safe or are selling an estate gun collection, please contact Clark, our gun department manager @ 231-933-0767 to discuss.

Thank You, Best Wishes & Good Shooting…


Bryan B, Deb, Bryan M, Clark, Larry & Pete

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