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Welcome to the world of FIELDSPORT!

A Heartfelt Greeting from Team FIELDSPORT

We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are beginning to look forward to your next sporting adventure and the bird seasons of 2024. Up North, November and December were relatively mild so it was possible and enjoyable to get out in search of ruffed grouse, ducks and preserve pheasants. However, winter always wins up here and the deep snows and frigid temperatures have returned. Staying inside by the fire and getting caught up on our outdoor reading is now a welcome pleasure.

Speaking of, there are several amazing new sporting books and magazines on the market today. To mention a few, some of my recommendations include: the book and video, WINGSHOOTING - The Art & Science by yours truly. The UPLAND Almanac, newly revised with stunning improvements, the SPORTING LIFE and WING & CLAYS Life, new publications with amazing photography and articles and of course the staple classics that require little introduction, SHOOTING SPORTSMAN, SPORTING CLASSICS, COVEY RISE, COVERS, GUN DOG and of course, the back editions of The DOUBLE GUN Journal. Each publication has so much to offer the wingshooter, I recommend you buy or subscribe to all of them! You will enjoy many priceless evenings in front of the fire, maybe with a wee-dram in hand, dreaming of the many sporting adventures discovered within their pages. We sell many of the magazines through our retail store or my book and video can also be ordered at FIELDSPORTPRESS.COM.

Lastly, if Santa Claus somehow forgot to gift you one of the sporting or upland hunting items you had your heart set on, then please come visit FIELDSPORT this winter. Our store is well stocked with all the sporting items that allow us to hold true to our sub-title, Purveyor to the Wingshooter. From fine shotguns, to shooting gloves, specialty shotgun shells and brush pants, we maintain our inventory year-round…just for you. We look forward to your visit…

Thank You, we look forward to serving your soon… Team FIELDSPORT

Bryan B, Deb, Bryan M, Clark, Larry & Pete

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Greetings from instructor and gunfitter,
Bryan Bilinski

Our new e-commerce website, is up and running. You may go directly to this e-commerce website and order any of the three FIELDSPORT PRESS wingshooting videos and book on line. You can also call our store @231-933-0767 to order direct from us if you like.