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GRULLA Armas has been in the gun business for over 73 years, making it one of the oldest and most respected custom gun companies in the world today. Since 1932, when six master gun makers left Victor Sarasqueta to found their own company, the business has transformed itself from an all-purpose maker of wide range of guns under the name Union Amera, to a high-quality gun maker, whose product excellence can compare with anyone. To quote author Terry Wieland, "GRULLA Armas is now making some of the finest guns available from the Basque country". FIELDSPORT is proud to be one of a select few, direct U.S. importers for GRULLA. We attempt to maintain a good selection of the most popular GRULLA models in stock like the 209 Holland and 216. We are also pleased to special order any model you desire. Complimentary try gun fitting is available to GRULLA customers placing orders through September 31, 2006. For a complete history and story of GRULLA shotguns, and the entire Basque gun trade, we highly recommend you order (available from FIELDSPORT) a copy of the revised second edition of the informative book, SPANISH BEST, by renowned gun writer and author, Terry Wieland. Because of GRULLA's well recognized standard for quality and excellence in the way they make every gun, we are confident that when you purchase a new GRULLA, you are investing in a gun that will provide you with a lifetime of pleasure and will be an heirloom to be passed on with pride. For additional information or to request a current GRULLA catalog and price list, please call the FIELDSPORT Gun Room.

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