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Custom Gun Fitting

2024 Information & Cost for FIELDSPORT Wingshooting Services
Bryan Bilinski, FIELDSPORT’S Chief Gun Fitter and Shooting Instructor basically conducts three primary wingshooting services: Try-Gun gun fittings, Impact Test gun fittings and Private Wingshooting Lessons.

“Try Gun” gun fitting service: The try-gun fitting entails shooting live ammunition at a steel patterning plate @ 16 yards. I use either a SxS straight grip AyA or Midland try gun for SxS fittings or a custom pistol grip Beretta try gun for O&U fittings. A normal try-gun fitting takes 3 to 5 hours to properly complete. I test eye dominance for anomalies before beginning the session. Your gun mount from a gun down ready position is also evaluated and graded. If you have shotguns that you may be considering having fitted to you or evaluated, I will measure up to TWO (2) of your personal guns during the service. The fitting service starts in the morning at FIELDSPORT and then once the try-gun is formally adjusted to fit you well, the final dimensions are confirmed and determined by shooting live ammunition at our Shooting Grounds, located a short 15-minute ride south of Traverse City. Upon completing your gun fitting, you will receive a “gun fitting document” stating your ideal stock dimensions inclusive of: Drop at Comb, Drop & Cast at Face, Drop & Cast at Heel, Cast at Toe, Length of Pull & Pitch. I gladly answer any gun fit or gun questions you may have throughout the session. You are required to bring protective eye glasses and hearing protection to the program. Please note, I do not recommend you wear progressive glasses during the fitting. Cost: $695 / Deposit of at least $350 is Required Upon Booking a Date; $350 Non-Refundable Cancellation Fee is Applicable.

“Impact Test” gun fitting service: This type of gun fitting is based on analysis that the gun you own and shoot is a fairly good fit, but needs improvements to be a perfect fit. I evaluate eye dominance in this program. Your gun is measured and then analyzed as to your relative eye alignment and then I recommend changes or alterations that will make the gun a perfect fit for you. If the stock needs to be altered or shortened, I do that work before we depart for our Shooting Grounds. When we are at the grounds, you will shoot live ammunition at our steel pattern plates, similar to a try gun fitting. The major difference is that instead of using the articulated stock on the try gun, I need to carefully measure the center point of your corresponding patterns. If consistently hitting and shooting in the wrong spot, a stock bender will be required to bend the stock in order to correct the point of impact or an adjustable comb be installed. An impact test service also takes into account the barrel regulation of the gun you own. Sometimes, poor barrel regulation of a particular shotgun easily explains inconsistent field and range performance with a shotgun. I will measure TWO (2) of your shotguns inclusive of an impact test service. A normal impact test service takes 3 to 4 hours to complete. You are required to bring and wear protective shooting glasses and proper hearing protection to the session. I do not recommend you wear “progressive” eye wear for use during the impact test. Cost: $595 / Deposit of at least $300 is Required Upon Booking a Date; $300 Non-Refundable Cancellation Fee is Applicable.

Private “Wingshooting Lesson” service: A private lesson is based on instructing one or two shooters at our private Shooting Grounds over a 3 to 4 hours period of time. My private lessons are basically a condensed FIELDSPORT Wingshooting School. I concentrate on making sure the shooter I am working with understands the fundamentals that help make a person a more consistent wing shot. I teach a swing through method of shooting for most of the basic targets that are presented in a private lesson. I also encourage my clients to attempt to shoot from a “ready position” gun down starting point. It is important that an individual who is attending a lesson has a relativity well fitted gun. If they come with a gun that doesn’t fit, I will attempt to find a store loaner gun that is a better fit and more appropriate for the shooter’s use. If a positive outcome is not possible, a gun fitting session may be recommended before a lesson can be conducted. On average, 100 to 150 targets are shot during a lesson. Fatigue is the number one reason a private lesson wanes and ends. Simply loading more shells and shooting poorly due to muscle fatigue is of no value and counter-productive to all the elements achieved during the lesson. If prescription shooting glasses are needed, please bring them with you. If you can wear plano glasses, we can provide loaner glasses for your session. Quality hearing protection is also required for your lesson. If you do not have any, loaners are available. Both shooting glasses and hearing protection can be purchased at FIELDSPORT. The ammunition you use in the lesson is not included in the lesson fee. Only light recoiling loads are recommended for your session. You can purchase target loads at FIELDSPORT. Cost: $595 Single - $895 Double / 50% Deposit Required Upon Booking a Date; $300 Non-Refundable Cancellation Fee is Applicable.

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