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     B Rizzini The Original B Rizzini B Rizzini has been making fine over and under shotguns for over 30 years. Their guns exhibit unique and innovative design features – that combined with precision machining, result in a gun of remarkable quality and fine handling characteristics.

Rizzini shotguns are renowned for an incredibly high level of dependability and durability due to the advanced design and manufacturing processes. B Rizzini produces most of the components of their guns in-house, utilizing sophisticated computer controlled machinery that maintain extremely close tolerances and part interchangeability. The ability to manufacture their gun parts to such extreme tolerances dramatically reduces the need for final hand fitting and the potential of human error. The ultimate result is a shotgun that has a classic appearance and styling with handling dynamics that bring the gun to life in your hands.

For the upload bird hunter, the Aurum line of Rizzini guns provide the best combination of carrying weight and handling dynamics found on any gun available today, at any price. Barrels are made of nickel-chrome molybdenum steel, complete with chrome lined bores and interchangeable choke tubes. Triggers are finely regulated and break off crisply. Forends have stylish, push-rod releases. Turkish walnut stocks are precisely fitted, hand checkered and finished in a soft, hand rubbed oil finish.

FIELDSPORT is proud to offer the complete line of B Rizzini game and target shotguns. A complimentary gun fit analysis is offered with all Rizzini gun purchases. Please call for more information or to discuss the perfect B Rizzini shotgun for you.

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