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The Bombardier & Pocket Gunner 4th Edition

THE BOMBARDIER AND POCKET GUNNER by Ralph Willett Adye, Captain, Royal Regiment of Artillery, Fourth Edition, Corrected and Considerably Improved. London, Printed For T. Egerton, Military Library, Whithall 1804. This very collectable volume includes two pages of hand written notes and inscriptions from a Mr. Frank Eames of Tremont Park, Sees County, Ontario 1901. The inscription notes how and where this book, along with a bible, was found in an old stone building circa 1889. Published in 1804 by W. Blackader, Chancery Lane, London. How and why Michael McIntosh acquired this “Pocket Gunner” will most likely always be a mystery. Michael loved every book that discussed any and all types of gunning. A leather-bound copy, 273 pages with @ 50 pages for journaling.

Very Rare.


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2019 Wingshooting Schools, Lessons and Fittings - OH MY!

Greetings from instructors,
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If you are interested in enrolling for one of the future 2019 FIELDSPORT Wingshooting Schools, a private lesson, or make an appointment for a gun fitting, feel free to give us a call now to reserve your date and time. Please note that 50% of the reserved service fee will be required at the time of scheduling. Click below to directly to the page.