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Welcome to the world of FIELDSPORT!

Dear Addison, Bill, Brian, Bruce, Charles, Colton, David, Dick, Eugene, Jason, Kristin, Pat, Rick, Scott, Terry, Todd and Virgil,

THANK YOU, one and all, for attending our inaugural May FIELDSPORT Wingshooting Schools. On behalf of your instructors and the FIELDSPORT staff, we sincerely enjoyed helping you learn the finer points of the FIELDSPORT Wingshooting Method as well working with you in our store.

Due to weather concerns, attempting to host a spring outdoor activity in Northern Michigan was a risky business… but the good Lord blessed us with some nice weather! We hope you all enjoyed your hours spent on the clays range with your school instructors. Good news, because of your positive feedback, we plan on hosting a similar spring school program again next near.

We hope that you are practicing your “gun mounts” at home and solidifying the other key elements of the FIELDSPORT Wingshooting Method you were taught.

Thank you for all the time, energy and effort you put forth in order to attend our May program. We hope you feel the effort was worth it and the dividends will begin to pay off this coming Fall afield and forever.

We look forward to serving you again soon…

Best Wishes & Good Shooting,

Bryan Bilinski, Dale Tate, Darren Shroeger, Tom Meyer, Bryan Marrow, Debi Watson & Tim Stein of the Cedar Gun Club

P.S. If you would like to know how to win the coveted “AA Target - Trash Can Lid” Award (see above featured photos) it is a secret known only to students attending a FIELDSPORT Wingshooting School program. Join us this August and you too may be added to this esteemed list of deserving students and recipients!

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Wingshooting Schools

          Greetings from instructors,

          Dale Tate & Bryan Bilinski

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