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Welcome to the world of FIELDSPORT!

Dear Friends & Valued Customers,

Thank you for all your support and consideration throughout 2020 while helping us address the challenges the COVID pandemic thrust upon each and every one of us. Our love of the outdoors may have been the saving grace for many of us. Being outdoors, breathing in the fresh air, getting some exercise and enjoying days afield with our friends and canine companions brought some normalcy to these uncertain and stressful times. Hopefully, the COVID vaccines will begin to stem the tide.

The premium grade gun business has been hard hit too. Many European gun makers and shell manufacturers were severely set back and closed for periods of time as the virus swept through their plants. Therefore, some shotguns and shotgun shells may be in short supply this year. Only, time will tell…

Please note, due to our Governor’s orders and OSHA procedures, FIELDSPORT has needed to make some drastic changes to our staff and procedures. Therefore, for the foreseeable future, we are suspending Firearm Transfers from other dealers. We regret we needed to suspend this service, but hope to reinstate Firearm Transfers when staffing allows. Thank you very much for your consideration and understanding.

The good news is that we are still planning to conduct our renowned FIELDSPORT Wingshooting Schools this coming June & July. The other news is that we have 8 programs already “sold out” so we will not advertise any new programs or be able to accept any new clients for the existing Schools. However, cancellations can occur, so please feel free to contact Deb at FIELDSPORT and request to be added to the “Cancellation List”. This is a FIFO list, so call soon if you would like to be considered for one of our FIELDSPORT Wingshooting Schools 2021.

Thank you for all your business, support and friendship…

Team FIELDSPORT, Bryan B, Darren, Deb & Bryan M

Fieldsport on GunVenture TV

Greetings from instructor and gunfitter,
Bryan Bilinski

2021 Wingshooting Schools/Sold-Out

The early sign-up list for clients interested in our 2021 School programs has been overwhelming. Based on pre-registrations to date, the TRADITIONAL, SUPER-SPORT, and UPLAND HUNTER Schools are SOLD OUT. If you wish to be added to the Schools cancellation list, please contact Deb at 231-933-0767 or We will be formalizing the actual dates of the School programs early 2021. Click below to go directly to our WINGSHOOTING Schools home page… Thank You.