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Welcome to the world of FIELDSPORT!

Dear Friends and Valued Customers,

Welcome to our new World of FIELDSPORT” web site. It is with great pleasure that we have finally hit the “live button”, so our updated version of our web site can be enjoyed by you…our valued friends and customers.

First, I would like to give acknowledgement and special thanks to Traverse City’s own Byte Systems, Tim Barrons and their fine staff, for all the work and effort expended to update our aging web site. Well done Byte Systems, Thank You!

Good news, Spring is finally here… Summer is right around the corner and so is the, new, clay target shooting season. Warmer temperatures make target shooting more pleasant and enjoyable from all levels. To become the consistent wingshooter you desire to become, we highly recommend you shoot any and all clay target disciplines as much as possible. No matter whether you go out to shoot some hand thrown clays behind the barn or register to shoot in a Vintager or Sporting Clays tournament, every shot taken - starting from a “ready position” - will help build and perfect your shooters muscle memory for the upcoming bird season.

Lastly, warmer temps also mean that we are again conducting live-fire gun fittings and private shooting lessons. If you are on our scheduling list or are interested in one of our FIELDSPORT Wingshooting Services, please either call Holly @ 231-933-0767 or contact: fieldsport@

Thank you for all your business and support. We hope you enjoy navigating through our new World of FIELDSPORT” website. We look forward to serving you soon.

Bryan, Scott, Keith, Holly & Bryan II…

Wingshooting School

2015 Wingshooting school dates are now available.