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Dear Friends & Valued Customers,

We are pleased to announce that the first series of March FIELDSPORT Wingshooting Schools conducted at the amazing WILD WING Lodge were a resounding success. Our students spent their time at the School both shooting clays with our instruction on the fine new WILD WING “Five Stand” and then hunting the challenging Bobwhite quail on their 6,000 acres of professionally managed upland bird habitat. The response from our students was so positive that we were asked to conduct another such school and quail hunting program in early December of 2018. And so it shall be! If you are interested in enjoying a wingshooting experience like no other while spending some quality, pre-holiday time with family and friends, please call Debi at FIELDSPORT @ 231-933-0767. Our School program is limited to just four “guns” per sessions, so call now if you would like to attend!

Our special thanks and gratitude goes out to the entire staff at WILD WING Lodge and RIVER BEND Whitetails for the luxurious accommodations and delicious meals they provided. Every time we have visited this fine operation, we have felt like we were treated like royalty. The staff at the lodge makes everyone feel welcome and right at home. In fact, it is very difficult to pack up and go home after the School is over! WILD WING Lodge simply makes that kind of impression!

Finally, spring is finally upon us and it is time to shoot clays again and resume training your bird dog. FIELDSPORT has a great selection of FEDERAL Top Gun 12 gauge target shells starting at only $5.49 a box. We also have a comprehensive collection of dog training equipment. From a new whistle, to a training bumper or a dog nest, FIELDSPORT has it all…

Thank You & We Look Forward to Serving you Soon!

Bryan Bilinski, President - FIELDSPORT Ltd

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Wingshooting Schools

          Greetings from instructors,

          Dale Tate & Bryan Bilinski

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