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Welcome to the world of FIELDSPORT!

Dear Friends & Loyal Customers,

Another new year has dawned and to all sportsmen and women, 2017 brings with it much hope and anticipation. Hope that our new administration refocuses on conservation of the uplands and wetlands that feed our very souls. Anticipation that the outdoor recreation we all need is available to all, through open access to the properly managed public lands we own and cherish.

Spring and summer are great times to renew our shooting skills by shooting clays as much as physically possible. I find that I am almost as refreshed after shooting a mere 100 rounds at one of my local gun clubs as I am rejuvenated after a cool morning in search of grouse or woodcock.

At FIELDSPORT, we offer many ways to help you enjoy your days on the range or afield by putting more bounce in your step. Maybe the bounce involves finally getting a new, well fitted shotgun…or maybe taking that private shooting lesson that has always been on your bucket list. Ladies, just for you, it may include consideration of attending one of our “Ladies Only Shooting Clinics” either at the Emmet Co. Sportsman’s Club in late June or programs that will be hosted by us throughout this summer at the private FIELDSPORT Shooting Grounds.

Plus, to make your days afield more comfortable, we offer a great selection of some of the finest sporting outerwear and gear made today. Don’t miss our monthly, in-store unadvertised specials. If you don’t stop in, you’ll have no idea of the savings you could have made on the fine outerwear, shotgun shells and firearms offered throughout our store.

The entire staff at FIELDSPORT wishes you a great spring and summer shooting season.
Thank you for your continued business and support… We look forward to seeing you soon.

Bryan Bilinski / President / FIELDSPORT Ltd.

Wingshooting Schools

          Greetings from instructors,

          Dale Tate & Bryan Bilinski

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