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Welcome to the world of FIELDSPORT!

Dear Friends, Customers & Fellow Wingshooters,

As the upland bird seasons begin to wind down across our great country, unless you are fortunate enough to be headed down South for a special Plantation quail hunt; your days afield this season are mostly over. In a blink of the eye, bird seasons have come and gone, again.

I am thrilled to say I just returned from one of the finest and most memorable, wild bobwhite quail hunts I have ever experienced.

With this hunting trip fresh in my memory, I would like to take a moment to reflect on some of the fine people I have met through this common denominator of bird hunting. Over 35 years ago, I had the honor of meeting an avid bird hunter from Kansas who subsequently introduced me to another bird hunter and his family who resided nearby. A friendship developed and these folks welcomed me, a few of my bird hunting friends and my slightly overweight Labradors into their lives. Whenever life permitted, normally when the North Country was snowed in, I would sojourn to a very special place in SW Kansas – a town and a piece of Americana that now feels like a second home.

Therefore, I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart, the Evans family and
Doug Brunson
for this priceless relationship and their extension of friendship that is impossible to put into words. What originally revolved around a few days of quail and pheasant hunting in the uplands of SW Kansas, has evolved into a relationship that somewhat encapsulates the true love of the outdoors, wild birds and priceless friendships. These really are the reasons FIELDSPORT exists. The fine folks we meet and friendships we make and the experiences we have while living a life of a wingshooter, are truly the priceless gifts we receive. Gifts and memories money simply cannot buy.

Thank You All, my Kansas friends for everything you have done for me and mine over the past 35 years, God Bless!

I hope your bird hunting season too provided you with some lasting memories, rejuvenated some old friendships or made some new ones. Maybe you even harvested a few fine birds for the table.

God willing, next bird season will be here soon… time to start getting ready.

Best Wishes,

Bryan Bilinski / President / FIELDSPORT Ltd.

Wingshooting Schools

          Greetings from instructors,

          Dale Tate & Bryan Bilinski.

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