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2018 March - Wild Wing School

Fieldsport on the road

We are pleased to announce, in cooperation with Wild Wing Lodge, located near Sturgis, Kentucky, we will be hosting an upland bird hunters Wingshooting School, again this December. This program will be held in conjunction with a series of guided Bobwhite Quail hunts, with only 4 students per school. We are excited to bring this program back!

Wild Wing Lodge/FIELDSPORT Wingshooting School, near Sturgis, Kentucky.

     School #1 – DEC 4th, 5th & 6th (TUE, WED & THU) ONLY 1 OPENING LEFT!

     School #2 – DEC 11th, 12th & 13th (TUE, WED & THU) ONLY 4 OPENINGS!

Due to the exclusive nature of this special FIELDSPORT Wingshooting School program, only four quail hunting students will be accepted into each program. The tuition includes three nights private lodging, all home cooked meals during your stay, clay targets, shotgun shells, your quail harvest each day, guide fees, instructor fees, and transportation to and from the field. Loaner quail guns are available if needed.

Tuition per person is $3,495 with a 50% deposit (transferable, NON-Refundable / again, GUNFITTING cost not included) required to confirm your enrollment.

Your program will include the following:

     Day 1: A comprehensive program shooting clay targets, while learning the famed FIELDSPORT Wingshooting Method. Your two seasoned instructors, Dale Tate from England and Bryan Bilinski from FIELDSPORT will be at your shoulder, coaching and helping you with every shot.
     Day 2 & the morning of Day 3: You will experience some awesome quail hunting with excellent guides, well trained pointing dogs and controlled flushers. The quail hunting program is under the overview of Wild Wing managing director Keith Pierce. Your FIELDSPORT instructors will also safely follow you afield, coaching and advising as needed on every covey rise.

Thank you, we look forward to assisting you with your school program!

For additional information or to book your School, please contact us at or call us at FIELDSPORT at 231-933-0767

Plans of an AYA Challenge is in the works for DEC 8th & 9th, after Session #1 on that following Saturday & Sunday. Stay tuned for more details!

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Wingshooting Schools

          Greetings from instructors,

          Dale Tate & Bryan Bilinski

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