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Fausti has been manufacturing hunting and competition shotguns with great care and passion since 1948 combining century old traditions with progress and modern technology. Fausti over under and side by side shotguns are designed to meet the specific needs of very demanding hunters and shooters. They can also become true collector pieces with technical and aesthetic features which represent a milestone in time. The company was founded by Stefano Fausti and is run by his three daughters Elena, Giovanna and Barbara.

FAUSTI USA was established in 2009 to better service the existing American clientele and also reach new hunters, shooters and collectors in this great country and educate them about the most recent additions to the fine line of Fausti shotguns.

FIELDSPORT is proud to be an exclusive, stocking, Midwestern dealer for the fine line of FAUSTI shotguns. We have been selling them since their introduction into the U.S. market. We are quite pleased with the quality, attention to detail, service and value that supports every Fausti shotgun we offer. In addition, we offer a complementary, in-store gun fit analysis with every Fausti purchase. If warranted, we also offer a live fire, impact test, gun fitting at a reduced fee.

Regardless of your gun budget, we know you will be pleased with adding a new game or target Fausti shotgun to your collection this year.


Fausti basic side by side winning features:
* Specially engineered scaled frame
* Action bodies, trigger guard, monoblock, forend iron, machined out of forged ingots, top lever and all the mechanism parts, ejectors included, are worked from a solid piece of special construction steel, not cast techniques
* Low and slender box-lock profile action body, featuring a reliable A&D modified mechanism system
* Coin or color case finishing, ultimate laser tasteful engraving technology
* Flat "V" main springs
* Double locking mechanism
* Special three alloyed steel barrel
* Chrome lined chambers and bores
* Long connection cones for recoil dumping
* Exclusive high performances Fausti chokes
* Patented ejector system featuring a non-rotary system
* Traditional flat game rib
* Selected Turkish walnut woods, oil finish, fine laser checkering with double grip pattern
* All Fausti shotguns undergo the 1320 bars high-pressure test at the Italian National proof-house
* Abs Case

New Guns

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Pre-Owned Guns

Barrel Length
FAUSTI CLASS C7604 12 28"
Price: $ 1995. Was $2295, SOLD view
FAUSTI CLASS C7604 12 28"
Price: $ 1995. Was $2295, SOLD view
Price: $ 4495 SOLD view
Price: $ 4495 SOLD view

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If you are interested in enrolling for one of the future 2019 FIELDSPORT Wingshooting Schools, a private lesson, or make an appointment for a gun fitting, feel free to give us a call now (231-933-0767) to reserve your date and time. Please note that 50% of the reserved tuition/service fee will be required at the time of scheduling. Click below to go directly to the page.

Due to weather concerns and considerations in Northern Michigan, gun fitting sessions and private lessons are generally offered and conducted from April through September. All sessions with Bryan Bilinski are scheduled by appointment only. The normal designated days for a gun fitting and private lessons are Tuesday or Friday with a starting time of 9am. Call Tom today to reserve your day and time before the schedule becomes full!