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Custom Gun Fitting

Our 2021 "Session" schedule is pretty much full already; but if you would like to be placed on our "Cancellation List", please call us at 231.933.0767 or send an email to

     Famed English Wingshooting instructor and gunfitter Robert Churchill is quoted in saying…

“The fitting of the stock of a gun to an individual is one of the highest arts of gun making. The length of stock necessary depends not only the length of the shooter’s arms, the breadth of his body and length of his neck, it also depends on the position on the left hand, the position of stance and finally the weight of the gun.”

Well said… and we wholeheartedly agree; however, a question we frequently ask our Wingshooting school and gun fitting clients is, “What do you think is more important, the fit of your gun or the development and refinement of your Wingshooting technique?”
Before a response is forthcoming, we simply respond – with a smile – the answer is… Yes!

Click here to download "Fit for a Fitting" PDF.

Our Wingshooting school and teaching experiences indicate that once an individual reaches a certain basic level of consistency and skill, there is nothing that can help improve a Wingshooter’s percentage of hits on game birds and clays than owning a perfectly fit shotgun. Simply having the confidence in your gun and knowing your gun fits you well and shoots exactly where you are looking are common denominators toward becoming a capable and proficient wingshot.

The FIELDSPORT gunfitting service is renowned by shooters worldwide for meticulous accuracy, precision and attention to detail in every gunfitting we conduct. Our gunfitting program is directed by Bryan Bilinski, who has over a quarter of a century experience as a gunfitter. He has been titled the youngest, oldest gunfitter in America. Based on his experiences of conducting over 2,000 gunfittings during his career, Bilinski believes that every gunfitting is a unique, one-on-one process that should be ultimately completed while shooting live ammunition at a steel patterning plate to confirm the ultimate stock dimensions and perfect point of impact. Weaknesses in ones Wingshooting technique can also be magnified and analyzed while going through the gunfitting process in front of the patterning plate.

FIELDSPORT owns and utilizes 5 different and unique try guns for gunfitting purposes. Our extensive investment in try guns and state of the art measuring equipment allows us to custom fit and assist virtually any customer in need of a perfect gun fit.

Due to weather concerns and considerations in Northern Michigan, gunfitting sessions are generally offered and conducted from May through September. All sessions are scheduled by appointment only due to demand and limited availability.

Private Lessons

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Greetings from instructor and gunfitter,
Bryan Bilinski

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Our 2021 "Session" schedule is at capacity; however, if you would like to be placed on our "Cancellation List", please call us at 231.933.0767 or send an email to

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