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Wingshooting School Photos


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School #2 Trash Can Lid Winner - Charles!

May 31st Wingshooting School-Instructor Dale, Brian, Bruce, Todd, Virgil, David, Kristin, Pat, and instructor Bryan

Virgil taking aim!


Lunch Break with School #3 Students

School #3 Trash Can Lid Winners - Brian & Kristin!

2018 WWL S&H - 1

2018 WWL S&H - 2

2018 WWL S&H - 3

Fieldsport on GunVenture TV

2019 Wingshooting Schools, Lessons and Fittings - OH MY!

Greetings from instructors,
Dale Tate and
Bryan Bilinski


If you are interested in enrolling for one of the future 2019 FIELDSPORT Wingshooting Schools, a private lesson, or make an appointment for a gun fitting, feel free to give us a call now to reserve your date and time. Please note that 50% of the reserved service fee will be required at the time of scheduling. Click below to directly to the page.